Ally – Two Birds #Champion

Posted 5 years ago

Where do we start with Ally and her amazing transformation journey in losing 2 stone and 13 pounds! A winning combination of 1-on-1 resistance training, 5k runs, and group interval training combined with a determined effort with her nutrition and positive mentality has allowed her to get back to fighting fit!

Here’s what the ‘champ’ had to say:

“I’ve been training with Two Birds for about a year. In that time I’ve got fitter and stronger, I’ve lost weight and gone from wearing size 16 clothes to a size 8-10. My asthma has improved significantly and my medication has been reduced. But what led me to Two Birds? I realised for a while that I needed to make changes for me, I was getting fatter, I hated how I looked, my confidence was at an all time low and I had to make changes before I spiralled completely out of control. I was well and truly stuck when a family member told me about the ethos of Two Birds and I went along for a session. The trainer listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a programme to help me achieve my goals. It wasn’t always easy and I needed to remind myself of my goals but as I committed to making changes to my diet along with the strength training I began to see progress, with my shape changing due to using weights and the pounds falling off due to eating healthier.

Regaining her impressive levels of fitness has allowed Ally to focus on her passion for running again!

“Now that my health and fitness has improved thanks to the support of Two Birds I am also back out running which I thought I’d never do again. I am very grateful for the support and guidance from Two Birds as they have helped me reclaim and own my life and they can help you.”

Huge well done to Ally and keep an eye out for the next Two Birds #Champion! Join our growing community to change your lifestyle for the better!

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